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Skyfish and Waterbird

There was a time when the birds lived in water and the fish flew in the air. Then one day they met.

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Skyfish was flying in the air over a lake. He looked down at the water below him and thought how nice it must be to live there. He was always dry and itchy, and he hated it.

He had flown down low to take a closer look. But today he flew too close and fell into the water.

Skyfish sank helplessly in the water and thought he was going to die. But just before he came to the bottom of the lake, something picked him up and carried him on its back.

The creature was covered in soft feathers and slowly returned him to the surface of the lake where Skyfish gasped for air.

“I am Waterbird,” said the creature. “I’ve seen you looking into the lake before. Will you teach me to fly?”

“Why would you want to fly?” said Skyfish, “the sky is dry and makes my skin crack. I’m never going to fly again. I’m going to stay here. My skin feels so good now.”

Waterbird was silent for a while, then said “I’ll teach you to swim if you’ll teach me to fly.”

They taught each other how to live the way the other one did and eventually Skyfish could swim underwater and Waterbird could fly through the air.

“Why did you live in the sky,” asked Waterbird, “You’re an excellent swimmer, you’re a better swimmer than me.”

“I don’t know. I was born in the air,” replied Skyfish.

“From now on,” said Waterbird, “All your children will be born in the water, and all of mine will be born in the air.”