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Fractal arm of power

Inspiring a thousand perfect poses and outdoing them all.

Download parameter file spiral16.xpf

In every Barnsley formula in mandelbrot mode, regardless of the plane, there’s a place where you find these riveted metal constuctions.

It reminds me of a picture I once saw in a history book about the huge hammer used in a German metal foundry called “Fritz.”

Fritz was simple, primitive and powerful. I’m sure every foundry at that time had a hammer for pounding steel, but there was only one “Fritz.”

This one’s a good example of the variety of imagery created by fractals. So much detail. There’s patterning and repeated structures, and yet every part of the picture is different and begs to be explored.

It’s funny how movies like Metropolis used big clunky machines embossed with rivet heads the size of a human foot to symbolize modern technology.

I guess anything that didn’t require a horse to help it function was considered magical and futuristic back then, just like in the Buck Rogers serials. It all seems medieval now.

Hmmmn… that’s quite a coincidence: Fritz the hammer and Fritz Lang the director.

I used to really like Fritz the Cat. Not the perverted animated remake, the original black and white cartoon strip.

You know, maybe I’m confusing it with something else. Krazy Kat?

While we’re on the German theme, how about the Swedish or Danish cartoon translated as “The Man who did whatever came to his mind.”

I saw a really funny one, the dark kind of humour, where the man was cutting off the fingers of one of his hands with a pair of scissors because he’d just shaken hands with someone he didn’t like.

Europe’s an interesting place.