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Vintage color

It’s funny how old things can take on a new look in young eyes.

Download parameter file 500-05.loo

The “retro” and vintage look of old things never existed at the time they were made. In the context of newer things the old stuff now has a special look and appeal.

I like these two fractal images because of their old-style, primitive coloring appearance.

They have a “shifted” look suggesting the sloppy allignment of the different color plates in printing. In some areas the details are blotted out giving the effect of too much ink or a lack of transparency.

Maybe it’s just me. I look at them and think of faded book spines and forgotten pages with color plates glued in place by hand.

Download parameter file 500-03.loo

The people who made them are all gone now. What inspired them is a matter of speculation for our unknowing minds. Maybe a dedicated historian or graduate student could weave theories about them that would leave us with a sense of revelation.

But in the beginning they were ordinary, maybe even cheap.

But look how the passage of time has varnished them with a golden aura. How our young eyes, dulled by the crass exaggerations of the modern age, have been revived by their exotic hue and foreign scent.

How were they made? Does anyone know?

Such things should fade away, but instead they have come to glow.

…well, anyhow you never know what apparently mundane stuff of today might be cherished as “period pieces” and classic style in the days to come.

We’re living in the future’s past.