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Clicking With 50 Afghanis

(Image from Numismondo-World)

Using Revolver, Mirror-Mirror, India Ink and a host of other filters, I turned the above image into this:

Being my further attempts to experiment with the creative theme of paper money, I also created a reverse side to my banknote.  I tried to add some simple money attributes like a denomination number and a country of issue thing, but none of that seemed to go well with this colorful “crayon image”.

There is a school of art, or style of art, called Fluxus that is oriented around themes that are multi-functional like money, receipts, (and other stuff I’d be able to list if I knew more about it) and the co-mingled contexts of art and functionalism make for what is often a sort of surreal effect.

Anyhow, Clickism (clicking on graphical effects) works best when using this sort of raw material because it’s easy to create chopped up collages of the patterns and forms used in paper money (some of which is already very artistic in its own right) and the subdued colors common in this form of printing just seem to lend themselves to graphical enhancement and experimentation.

It’s fun, it’s easy, it doesn’t always work …it’s Clickism.