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They came, they saw, they squeaked

World domination just wasn’t a realistic goal for the squiggle people.

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Sure, the entire voyage had been financed on conquering new lands. But the frenzy of excitement at the first sight of land…

Weeks later they were still running down the beach and tasting every new fruit they found. The ship’s log hadn’t been updated. The captain was last seen chasing a butterfly into the woods.

Eventually they had a meeting, for 5 minutes, while gathered under a tree to get out of the rain. They all began cheering, “Burn the ship!” and tore off in every direction.

Years later, a second expedition arrived. They set to work building houses and looking for commercially promising resources.

After several executions and the depletion of their funds, they returned to the old country and never came back.

The squiggles reached the other side of the continent, built rafts and floated out to sea, tired but optimistic.

Little remains today of this first discovery of the Americas except at the location where it is thought the squiggles may have departed from. Here, scratched into a cliff face is a single word that is believed to say, “boring.”