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While doing some more radical experimentation in Sterlingware I made this.  It’s using the Gaussian 6 render method which isn’t usually a very useful one.  However, when you just concern yourself with making something interesting to look at and forget about the the more technical side I guess you’re more likely to find things where you didn’t think they were likely to be.

It never ceases to amaze me how much detail can be generated in a fractal program in such a short time and with such little effort and how complex and unrepetitive it can be also.  The notion that fractals are formulas repeated over and over again suggests monotony, but it isn’t usually that way.

As with all graphically creative software, I think people should focus on producing any sort of interesting imagery and not, say, fractal imagery with a fractal program etc…  That’s probably why I find the simpler, one-layer fractal programs to be more creative tools — you can bend them and experiment with them in ways they were never intended.