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Square machine

I love the paintings by Chirico, or whatever his name is, the Italian surrealist painter. Why are there so few artists like him?

Download parameter file cubic.xpf

Sometimes the first edge detection filter in Xaos produces a chalkboard like style on dark backgrounds. It then takes on this handmade look. When the subject matter is square-ish, the result is a blueprint, drafting table-like image.

This is what is so exciting about fractals: the fractal structure is just the beginning, not the end of the process. There’s so many ways to color it or otherwise process it that fractal art can become a strange way of drawing and very creative.

The sudden change of the palette makes something interesting out of something dull. A simple, repetitive image can be instantly reborn as something carefully drawn with a flawless eye for detail.

I think there are two kinds of fractal images: “faces” and “fingerprints.” The big fractal images that show the whole formula are like faces. But zoom in, and there is the new microscopic world of the fractal fingerprint.

The fingerprints are often not immediately recognizable as a fractal. They probably won’t have self-similarity. They may even be some glitch-like structure made by the in or out-coloring pattern.

Maybe that’s what this is.