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Fractum Bookmarkum

I love Latin. Not the real thing, just the style and sound. Everything just sounds more important and serious.

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How about Carpe Diem? Wow, eh. Why not Carpe Fractum? “Sieze the Fractals” And here’s one for the professional sales folks, Carpe Dinero: Seize the Cash.

The motto of my university was, Tentanda Via. They told us it meant, The way must be tried! That’s a good one for Sterlingware because I think the secret to Sterlingware is to try everything out, experiment.

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It makes experimentation very easy since you can change menu options and instantly see the changes. What happens usually is that I make so many changes that I wander away from what I was working on and get lost. But that’s the best way to randomize your actions: get lost.

So perhaps the motto of my university should really say: Tentanda Via! – Get Lost.

Which brings me to an interesting anectdote. Last time I visited my old university, I actually did get lost. It had only been about seven years, but they had done so much building I couldn’t find the place I was looking for.

They really made the place look “nice.” When I was there it was mostly poured concrete everything. One lecture I had was in a large room that had a concrete floor, concrete ceiling and textured concrete walls. It was a cave, I liked it.

In the winter I used to call it, affectionately, Ice Station York. Snow, ice and grey concrete outcroppings. They hadn’t tried to create a minimalist masterpiece, but there it was.

They’re calling me again this year, like every year, to raise money from their alumni. For what? Better buildings and improved facilities. I don’t know how to tell them that I liked the old wasteland the way it was.