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Who cares what the name is?

A good name is at least a meaningful label. Like a magnet it attracts the right things and repels the wrong ones.

Download parameter file glob.xpf

Names I didn’t choose: Fractal Safari; Fractal Mine; Fractal Voyage; Fractal Journey; Fractal Tales; Fractal Caravan.

I wouldn’t call this an art gallery, so I avoided anything artsy. It’s not a technical discussion either.

I wanted a name that conveyed that special quality that makes fractals exciting: The math is interesting and the artwork that comes from it can be good, but there’s something more.

I don’t know, a fractal program like Sterlingware or Xaos is like a magic beanstalk and here’s some of the things I’ve found. And an electronic trail of bread crumbs so you can go right back to the same place, if you’re curious, or sceptical.

That’s good enough, who cares about the name?