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I walked with Ditko

This is not actually a fractal at all, although it looks like it. It is in fact a drawing from an issue of the comic book Strange Tales from way back in the early 60s, illustrated by my favorite comic book artist Steve Ditko.

Download parameter file islet.xpf

Steve Ditko and Stan Lee invented Spiderman and Steve illustrated all the issues up to number 35 or something like that. Ditko’s stark and simple style was unusual in the comic book world were everthing is often exaggerated and overdone.

Ditko did lettering too. It had a real retro look to it even back in the retro days of the 60s.

I don’t think he was ever super popular like Jack Kirby who drew the Fantastic Four.

Alright, it is a fractal. The parameter file is a dead give-away. But this is one of the things I like about fractals in general and Xaos in particular: Although they are the expression of a mathematical formula they have the potential to be rendered in very stylish ways.

Fractal programs are very creative tools. I would never have expected that. But it shouldn’t be so surprising if you consider all the creative things that have been done with paint brushes, and I’m just thinking about simple stuff like abstract art.

This fractal uses an edge detection filter (outline thing) which creates the chalkboard or pencil crayon effect. Of course this is nothing compared to all the stuff one can do in Ultrafractal, a fractal and graphics program merged into one big mega fractal machine that I’m too cheap to buy and lazy to learn.

Anyhow, no one’s ever made any instant-Ditko with it. Maybe they don’t have my talent. Maybe some of them should check out Xaos. Maybe I should start running right now. Those fractal people can be quite excitable and …fractious.