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Desert Portrait

A reworked version (above) of the Star of Arabia series I did in a previous posting.  This time I generated the image 4x the size, but India Inked it (texture pattern) before resizing it.  The result is an antialiased India Inked image.  Smooth and nice and all that.  I don’t know.  It looks more polished, but what’s so great about being neat and polished?

I used (above) a different India Ink pattern here — bubbles — I think.  Not bad.  It makes for a nicer sandstone look and darkens the sky to give a sort of visionary appearance.

My, how a little freaky coloring (above) spices things up.  Nice and neat is dull and boring most of the time.  What strange alien fungus has covered the world and even grown across the sky?

Yeah.  Alright.  Blockwave metamorphosis.  The image speaks.  Pixels into hieroglyphs and the universe becomes a printed page of pictures.  Notice how the rougher, cruder stuff is so much more interesting.  You’ll never get anywhere with this sort of thing by trying to polish what’s already been made.