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A tale of two programs

Don’t you just hate titles like that? I haven’t even read the book.

Sterlingware excels in detail and complexity of formulas and rendering options. Xaos excels in visual effects and color. Especially color. Xaos contains the greatest algorithm ever know to civilization. This is the random pallete (color) generator.

Download parameter file feelers.xpf

Similarly, Sterlingware’s weak point or challenge is coloring. Many of the default color settings are good, but if you want to run and leap off into the unknown (it’s not just me is it?) you have to spend some time learning to adjust the color numbers.

That’s why I often alternate between programs. The weak points of one rekindle my interest in the strong points of the other.

Xaos just doesn’t have alot of formulas or rendering options. But if I can find an interesting image, the random coloring function will always produce awesome, eye-popping results from just clicking it forty or fifty times.

What is more important? Color or content?

So that’s why I have this “dual fractal citizenship” and move back and forth between these two powerful programs.

Although I downloaded Sterlingware back when it was freely available, its well worth the $25 you have to pay for it now.