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I prefer to give images a name rather than a number so I can identify them more easily when just viewing the file names. I sensed something baushausy about this one.

I’ve always like the sine trap render methods especially the first one, but I found they almost all looked the same. This one was a big breakthrough for me which came about in the usual way: push all the buttons.

I lowered the iterations, stalks and bubbles radius (which usually doesn’t do anything) and used the sin()*cos() transformation. It happened over several weeks and hours of happy experimentation.

Like Bauhaus (I’m probably not even pronouncing it correctly) fractals have strong geometric components which one either loves or hates. How could anyone hate the smooth minimalist geometric bauhaus look?

Book covers. Look at all the book covers that feature bauhausish designs. They naturally lend themselves to the marriage of image with text. I’ll bet simple fractals like this one would make great poster images. Not just a background picture but forming the design of the whole poster.