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Consider the shredder

I stumbled upon a very simple filter I used to use with the strange name of “shoutin!”.  It’s by Mario Klingemann and shreds your image into a bunch of strips separated by some white space.  What makes it such a useful thing is that this patterning effect enhances the effect of many other filters, just as coloring filters complement the output of almost every other distortion filter effect.

Here’s how it looked after I added the shoutin! effect:

A very simple filter and probably not a very complicated one to make either, I’m sure.  Despite all that it has quickly become a very useful tool in my gauntlet of filters.  After the above image I then made this one below by applying the Revolver filter which is a combination distortion (shape changing) and coloring effect.

Finally, I Mirror Mirrored it which resulted in the initial image posted at the first.  I couldn’t include the numerous other coloring and distortion effects that brought the image to the final shredding step because I used the undo feature and saved the previous steps and that’s limited to just the last three steps.

I’d almost given up on the image until the shoutin! shredder effect came along.  But I’ve noticed that one is much more creative when they just recklessly experiment rather than try to direct the process.  There’s something about the human mind that just likes to stick to the familiar paths which unfortunately just lead the same old familiar things.  It’s a dead end.  You have to let your idle curiosity and impulses lead the way.