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Stairway to the Stars

Since I don’t consider myself to have really made this image in the same way that a real artist draws or paints something by hand, I’m quite comfortable talking about how great it is.  First, let’s look at its humble origins:

It’s a watercolor sketch of an opera stage set.  Nothing particularly interesting except the nice muted colors and the variety of textured areas which makes for good raw material for the sort of distorting and genetic recombination of Clickism — art of the future.

Although I just made this yesterday, I can’t quite remember what I did first.  I think it was Picture Chopper by Harry the Raver (a pretty famous filter guy).  No, it was “Holding a Cake to the Sun” by Andrew Buckle.  There may have been one coloring filter before that.  Also, I used a few other coloring filters and at one point after trying and untrying a few I thought I should save the image because if the program crashes (I run XnView on Linux using the Wine Windows emulator) I won’t be able to recreate the image.

I won’t be surprised if some readers find the image to be just a smudgy chopped up thing, but I see a sort of Van Gogh / El Greco fusion in the image with a touch of surrealism — in a good sort of way.