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Vintage Pulp Sci-Fi

I don’t like intelligent science fiction.  I like the stuff with spaceships and rayguns and explorers fighting strange creatures on distant planets.

I like stories with pictures where the robots have rivets and look like walking boilers.

Science fiction is too serious now.  Readers get upset when things aren’t realistic and authors try to talk like psychologists with a Ph.D.

Ironically, I think it’s because Sci-Fi readers have lost touch with reality and see scholarly and intellectual pursuits as more noble and want to explore “the mind” (whatever that is) instead of taking off like Sindbad in a Titanium ship for whatever’s out there.

Maybe the space heroes of the future will be expensive machines — space probes — and space exploration for us humanoids will just become a slow moving video game.

Or maybe this is as far as the future goes.