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People on Fyre

This sort of thing happens all the time when you’re pushing buttons and turning dials, so I gave this type of “looks like” art the name Metamorphic because it looks like things that are real and yet is completely derived from abstract processes and formulas that, at best, are only remotely related to real objects.

It’s like finding a rock that looks like a fish or the continent of Africa.

I think these look a lot like simple pen and ink caricature sketches.

This one (above) is a ghost playing a violin.  Maybe not.

This last one, below, is a little hard to label.  So I put on my “labeling cap” and thought, “Shovelling Biscuit!”.  Yes, it is a Shovelling Biscuit, indeed.

Sometimes, I am a caricature of myself.  We all are.  That’s why we pay so much to have people make insulting drawings of ourselves.

And now computer programs are getting into it.