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Distort and Contort

You know, once you’ve allowed yourself to be photographed you’ve really given the world free reign to distort and contort your appearance.  I think of all the political news stories that feature photos of public figures that appear to be good illustrations of the contents of the story and yet predate the events depicted and were taken under circumstances often unrelated or even conflicting with the events of the news story which they were chosen to illustrate.

The old expression, “the camera never lies”, seems like a reasonable thing to say in the context of the written accounts of eye-witnesses which often conflict with regards to important details, but what we see is often misunderstood and for that reason, the camera can deceive.

I’ve blockwaved a hundred-year-old tinted photograph of a famous person off the Wikipedia.  That noble, inspiring man whose contribution to history has benefited hundreds of millions of people has been distorted here by me into some frightening creature of cold and cruel intent.

Well, they don’t call them distortion filters for nothing.