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Snapshots From a Cannon

A sequence of four still images from a rapidly exploding digital cannon blast.   Each image was rendered in crisp B&W using Extractor 1 and derived from the same image which was made with a whole bunch of filters like Overlap 4 and starting out with a Tierazon fractal.  Post cannon-blast commentary to follow, below.

Extractor 1, although producing extremely simple, 2-color images, can be very creative when you have an image with a lot of detail and ironically, a great deal of color depth.  It’s almost like shining a bright light at various angles over a surface with a high degree of detail; there seems to be no end to the interesting variations that one can make.  Other times?  You get what looks like big ugly splotches of India ink.

It just goes to show that you never know what a simple filter can do until you try it out on a variety of images.  And when you combine it with others, the possibilities multiply and the results are hard to predict and, once in a while, quite surprising.

I’m quite sure that this sort of digital creativity will be pursued by many others once they get a grip on how to use it effectively; it doesn’t produce imagery that can be used in the same way as the traditional hand-made stuff.