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The Mona Lizard

The Mona Lizard by Leozardo, 2017, by permission of the Louvre

Where’s the connection?  It’s in the sky.  Notice up in the left corner, just to the side of Mona’s head, there is an interesting but weakly detailed landscape scene in which a greenish flash of light is reflected off the night time overcast sky.

Compare with the old version:

I think mine has better irrelevant background details.  Great artists like Leonardo were never very good at that.  I don’t think they even tried.  There are limits to what you can do with a paintbrush.

The lizard started out as a Sterlingware fractal which was then processed in XnView using photoshop type filters that messed with the colors, textures (if in fact texture exists in a pixelized medium) and finally did a mirror image thing that produced that strange symmetrical look that transforms an image radically but simply –sometimes.

I was just testing out my 32 bit filters in a 64 bit program running on the wine emulator in 64 bit linux.  In the synthetic realm the art is often in the details and the front and center main image can be less interesting than the little things hinted at on the sides.