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Art is the place of the niche, the specialist, the fanatic, the extreme tastes that seem to appeal to an obscure few.  One should expect wild variety and  many things that just plain look weird or if you had to display them you wouldn’t know whether it was upside down or not or even which side of the canvas the “art” is on.  Confusion, and the charlatans who use it for cover, are common elements in any artform.  One needs to develop their own art compass because the direction they’re heading in will soon be challenged by someone or something and possibly even themself.

“Because I like it” is a bold statement that provokes a response from the clever charlatan who, like a martial artist of debating, knows how quickly the unprepared and smiling art-tourist can be knocked down by a simple move like, “And who are you?”.

It’s a trap.  See how quickly he changes the subject from art to you?  It’s a mind-game and easiest way to win is to shake your opponent’s confidence in their very own thoughts.

Respond with, “I am Zor-gar of the thirty-fifth galaxy, Professor at the Imperial Institute”.  Ha, ha.  That will do it!  Charlatans are like lions: they only go after the weak and the lame.

Unless you go after them.

(Image made from a fractal, multicrystal.8bf-ed and then India Inked)