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Clicking With the Anjouan Invasion

I started off with this image (below) that I got off the Wikipedia from their article on the 2008 Invasion of Anjouan.  I thought the mix of solids and gradients and generally pleasing colors would make good raw material for a Clickism gauntlet of graphics filters and effects applied with skill and recklessness and nothing more than mere mouse clicks.

If I remember correctly (and that’s always doubful in Clickism) I used Ilyich the Toad’s multicrystal.8bf to produce the sierpinski block pattern and then mirror, mirror to produce the symmetry.  There’s undoubtably a few coloring filters in there as you can see the colors have changed.

Either before or after this, I resized the image and then tried the Extractor 1 filter on it that produces this two bit black and white type of image.  A rather interesting pagoda like result occurred.  Extractor 1 can make some really stunning things, but it takes some practice to find the right combination of effects.  Fortunately, experimentation in Clickism is fun and one soon finds themself with more gold mines than they can dig.


Stay tuned for more Clicking with… fun and excitement.