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Do Not Fear The Gross, Ugly Stuff

Reduced to nothing more than a black and white shell of it’s former glory, I then used one of my many “chopping” filters (perhaps the infamous, “flip-chop”) to achieve the coup de grace.  Imagine an image made of a thousand dice.  Imagine rolling them all at once.

Or imagine a puzzle of pipes and cavities and then scrambling the pieces.  That’s what many of the chop-up and slice filters are like: you never know what sudden work of art you’ll stumble upon or what butchered piece of trash you’ll make instead.

Actually, it rarely works, that’s why I’m always so excited when it does.

Here’s the image it came from (below).

Another block-wave wonder made in the early stages of my exploration of that filter.  Crude, but effective in a raw sort of appealing way.

Art’s like that sometimes; disorienting and iconoclastic.  Shedding it’s skin every so often and showing up in new colors.  Or no colors at all.