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The Golden Shore

Finally, after more than a week drifting about at the mercy of the sea, I saw in the distance some land.  The coast appeared quite rugged and at first I thought myself to be suffering greatly from my ordeal for I perceived the shore to be golden and glittering like a Sultan’s treasury.  On shore I discovered that the sand that surrounded the cliffs were in fact made of gold just as my eyes had thought when I saw it far off at sea.

I was greatly confused at this for how could it be that such wealth could lie exposed and easy prey for anyone sailing past and yet be as undisturbed as this?  Furthermore, there appeared to be a settlement not far away with a fine harbor and several large ships in port.  My wonder at all this gold was quickly forgotten however when I stumbled upon a enormous pile of human bones and another one of those monstrous creatures whom I had hoped I would never see again.  I now found myself wishing I was back at sea clinging to the wreckage of my ship.  I took some comfort however in the fact that the giant appeared to be sleeping for the moment and unaware of my presence on his glittering golden shore.

(From The 8th Voyage of Sindbad.  Image made in Sterlingware and processed with Flaming Pear’s India Ink, Bayer pattern.)