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The Big, the Small and the Distorted


I made the first image after tweaking a Sterlingware “Twister Weed Falls” image. First with a coloring filter, and then shifting the hue just 6 points (6/265) in the graphics program to produce something that was even better.

After that, I went to the thumbnail view of the directory in order to copy and paste the image to another directory. The tiny thumbnail looked even better although it was so small as to be merely the size of the finger nail on my thumb (funny, eh?).

I wasn’t able to produce the same image by resizing so I just took a screenshot of the thumbnail and cut it out and saved it.

I then accidently turned the scrollwheel of my mouse on the thumbnail image forgetting that in XnView, my graphics program, it has the effect of zooming into the image rather than scrolling through the directory to the next image, which is what I was intending to do.

The zoomed image was naturally pixellated because the thumbnail was so small, and yet it looked quite interesting although the pixellated effect distorted it somewhat.

Anyhow, it’s just an example of the sorts of accidental discoveries that have happened for ages in the traditional art mediums. The tools are just different, that’s all.