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It’s odd how simple algorithms can be tweaked and twisted into producing complex images. That’s what makes algorithmic creativity so exciting — you never know what you will discover and how effortless — or how much fun — it will be. (If you have Fyre, you can open up any of these four images in the program and play with them since the parameter settings are embedded in the image file.)

I made all four of these in Fyre using the square instead of circular setting. Squares don’t seem to have the same potential as circles, but they have the advantage of imitating human constuctions. Here, they appear to be apartment buildings on a bright sunny day.

The black and white, monochrome, limitation doesn’t seem to be much of a limit at all.


I hear there’s great plans to add many more algorithms to Fyre once the developers get some time to do it, but I’ve found this single one, Peter de Jong maps (I think), have a great deal of versatility. How many paint brushes do you need? Maybe you just need to focus more on the single one you have.

There’s always the gauntlet of photoshop filters if you find things are getting dull.

What kind of buildings are these? They’re not impossible constructions. But they’re not really practical ones either. Maybe someday an architect will reveal to the world that his award winning condo design was actually taken from an image made in Fyre?

I’ve seen that day. And now you’ve seen it too.