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Positive and Negative

Something I learned quite quickly when I first started playing with computer graphics (it’s just a hobby, nothing serious) by making millions of seamless tiles in “The” Gimp was always invert an image to see what it looks like.

For starters, it’s really easy, and for finishers, it often has a powerful transformational effect which can turn straw into gold or what is already gold into something even goldlier. You never know really how it’s going to look in the negative and it just takes a mouse click.

The way I look at it is: If the negative looks worse than the positive, then inverting the positive may look much better if what you’re already looking at is actually the negative of the positive. Computer art shows you things like that. You bet.

Image Notes
Made in Capow using the 2D Heat or Wave “world” and the Sheet, Colored Lines, Medium Resolution with the guidelines turned off, 3D view settings.