‘V’ is for Fractal

Download parameter file “v02.ink”

I haven’t seen the movie, but I really liked the poster art. I find the best movies have the worst posters, and vice versa.

Download parameter file “v03.ink”

Can’t you feel that subtle, 1930’s style cinematic shadow brooding atmospheric dramatic thing? It’s the colors, mainly.

Download parameter file “v01.ink”

The colors are very subtle and I find the images don’t look so hot when I first start up my monitor. So if you think this stuff looks like junk, maybe it does.

The image just above is the 2nd order Phoenix formula; one of the built in ones. I find it’s shape quite intriguing sometimes, like here.

Here it resembles the anvil-shaped thundercloud of a summer thunderstorm: complex, electrified and alive.

July 25, 2006

Fractal Loom

July 22, 2006


Download parameter file “fan13.ink”


From such simple seeds the image grows.

I can’t help but think of Sindbad and the rest of the Arabian Nights stories. Maybe it’s the tent-like arches. Maybe its the carved, honeycombed cielings.

I think of centipedes when I look at the fan-like fingery things. Ragged claws… silent seas…

Download parameter file “fan08aa.ink”

Do we invent fractals, make fractals, or do we discover them? Who can claim to have invented a formula? All the combinations and permutations are there already, somewhere out there, like fish in a dark sea, and we merely reel them in, unaware that it was they who were waiting for us.

Do we catch fish? Or do they decide amongst themselves, deep down where we can’t see them, who will be next?

No. Fractals are invented and fish are just fish. Sindbad never lived and the whole book was made up.

But our thoughts are real. And from such simple seeds all of these have grown.

July 19, 2006

Fractal Watermelon

Download parameter file “melon06.ink”

Are there seasons in fractal land? Do we find, on the same vine, in the summer time, a melon instead of an icicle?

Yes, but it’s because we run our fractal farms differently in warm weather.

An obvious factor, is the fractal tractor, set up for sunshine and to carry away fruit.

But it’s the farmer, the hunter, who makes these decisions. He sets his eye on summer and chooses the paths that iterate with melonry.


I’ve got to find some shade and sit down.

July 17, 2006

Fractal Hides

Download parameter file “plate03.ink”

Sometimes just saving a fractal is not enough and I want to shoot it, skin it and nail it to the wall in the living room.

Let me tell you of my days as a young hunter up north.

I was around 8 years old at the time. We lived on the edge of town, like most people did, in this pulp and paper town of several thousand in Northwestern Ontario.

The forest, or “bush” as we called it, was where we seemed to gravitate. We made bows and arrows out of small trees or branches; built forts and other sorts of Huckleberry Finn things.

Finding something to hunt was a little more difficult than just making a bow and arrow. If the trees were as mobile as the wildlife we would never even have been able to make the bows and arrows.

Download parameter file “plate02.ink”

Most young boys make noise and that scares everything off, so I moved away from my noisy friends and soon saw something moving under some thick spruce trees just off the trail.

It was a partridge, something like a wild chicken. It could run away faster than I could follow it so I had to just take a shot and see if I could hit it.

The bow and the arrow were both made by me with my jacknife. Although they were primitive weapons, I knew they could be dangerous because me and my friends once shot arrows at each other and quickly found out they weren’t toys.

Download parameter file “plate01.ink”

I hit the partridge right in the chest, almost a perfect shot. The arrow bounced off and lay on the ground. The poor bird ran off completely unhurt and flew away when it reached a clearing. My friends wouldn’t even believe that I saw a partridge, much less hit it with an arrow.

The bow wasn’t strong enough and the arrow was too dull, but I knew that those things were easy to fix. My older brother had a fiberglass bow that would sink store bought arrows an inch or two into a tree. Finding the animal and hitting it with the arrow was the hardest part.

So as far as I was concerned, I was a real hunter now and although I never hunted anything after that, (because it’s more fun to just walk around and look at things) I felt confident I had earned my entrance to the ancient tribe of hunters.

July 12, 2006


Download parameter file “scratch05.ink”

Or call it a fractal generator.

What is a fractal anyway? It’s something you look at.

Download parameter file “scratch01.ink”

The math is interesting, but how often do you see a fractal formula with a frame around it?

Fractals are the fireworks of math. Just for show.

Download parameter file “scratch02.ink”

The fractal images that have deep meaning, and are often displayed as diagrams, are ugly. They are never stolen or deep-linked.

Displayed for medicinal reasons. For anatomical study.

Download parameter file “scratch03.ink”

Music is the better noise; art is the better trash. Art is the garbage we admire and take into our homes. We put a frame around it so no one will throw it out or ask, “Are you keeping this for something?”

Someday a flying saucer will land in the street and an alien will walk out into our house, and look at the art on the wall and say, “Wow! That is really something.”

Download parameter file “scratch04.ink”

We change a formula. We generate the image. Art happens. We wonder why.

That’s all it does: make pictures.

Download parameter file “scratch06.ink”

Computers are blind; they don’t know what they’re making. They don’t see what they’re doing. That’s where where we come in. If it were not for us, computers would throw everything away.

Download parameter file “scratch06a.ink”

We do their dirty work. We get into the garbage can and salvage the good stuff. “Whoa! Why’d you throw this one away? You Pentium pinhead!”

July 10, 2006

Home of the Sci-Fi Wonder Eye

Download parameter file “eye01.ink”

Never blinking.

Crazed, but in a pleasant, stylish way.

Do not ask what this mutant can do for you, but what you can do for this mutant.

Fiber optic bandwidth flood; brain the size of a walnut.

Seeing, seeing, no time to comment.

Download parameter file “eye02.ink”

It’s awfully busy, but when you ask a question it looks at you. Looks at you. Looks at you.

The time is coming when it will speak, when everything it has seen will be summarized in a few short lines.

The Utterance. Wait for it. It won’t be anything philosophical or nothing, but it’s sure to be freaky and funny too, like, “You humans! You are stupid! stupid! stupid!”

Download parameter file “eye03.ink”

I love that line. Arrogant aliens criticising the whole world and all they can do is call us stupid.

We know that! Give us the secret for room temperature fusion or super conductivity.

It’s stupid calling us stupid, even if it is true.

But that’s the problem with sci-fi movies, the aliens are always played by us earthlings: and they’re stupid, but colorful.

July 8, 2006

The Yellow Eye

Download parameter file “brain01.ink”

It’s moving. Where is it going?

It must have evil intent. What else could such a souless amoeboid be capable of?

To devour the defenceless creatures around it. They’re always hungry, aren’t they?

Download parameter file “brain02.ink”

Or maybe, looking at the other side of the coin of paranoia, it’s actually super intelligent. Isn’t that more threatening?

Galactic conquest is a Chess game and the Yellow Eye is the grand master. (The whole story would just collapse if we just shot it or kicked it to death.)

Download parameter file “brain03.ink”

Surely it must be advanced if it can survive without an eye socket, brain and the rest of a body. On the other hand, it will never be able to put on sunglasses or wear a hat.

I say we lure them out into the desert, slowly, like a bird pretending to have a broken wing, and let the sun and the wind bring low the mighty alien invader.

July 7, 2006

Piano People

Download parameter file “new02.ink”

More than just keys and walking upright, they hold fans which hold fans.

The color is odd, but they’ve been through so much, played one way and played another; they just kept the color of the last song.

Download parameter file “new02a.ink”

All keys retire and these keys kept quiet until the day they walked away.

Now, on their own and just travelling around they’ve shrugged off their musical past and have been known to change seats on a train if someone should ask them about their old days as a grand piano.

Download parameter file “new02b.ink”

“Concerts, Mozart, covered with ivory… so what?” they reply, “If I could do it all again I wouldn’t be a piano key for a million dollars; I’d rather be a rifle butt or a table leg.”

July 3, 2006

Starboat and Spearhorse

Download parameter file “fade02.ink”

I don’t know, it looks like a crude, stone spear head and for some reason it also looks like the head of a horse seen from above.

There’s something eerie and surreal about it and those weird green dots that seem to be part of the coloring filter.


Download parameter file “fade03.ink”

I find this such a creative image. The swirls look like some kind of a wake behind the woven reed boat that seems to become a star.

Fractals are always surprising, just like going for a hike in some place you’ve never been before. There’s always something new.


Download parameter file “fade04.ink”

Just look at the detail and the schlocky imitation oil painting look here. The stalks can really produce some dramatic movement sometimes.

This is a Phoenix julia; something I thought I had done to death… but surprise; more excitement.

Something Chewy

Download parameter file “fade05.ink”

The edible island. I like the colors. Sometimes I think all you need to make something interesting to look at is just the right color; it doesn’t matter what it is, but an interesting object can help.

Fractals are more far out than Star Trek. Pho-ton torpedoes, light-speed space travel, beaming people up and down; those things are all fairly tame.

But what are these strange drawing machines? From simple equations grow incredible things. I can understand why some people don’t know where to put them in the artistic spectrum.

They are the infra-red and ultraviolet of vision. What is the edge, the horizon of seeing? That’s where you find them. Beyond that is nothing. The Land’s End of looking.

June 30, 2006