Another Clickism success story.

I used multicrystal to sierpinski-ize and smear a fractal sideways.  I then India Inked it using the large scale wave pattern.  Either before or after that I believe (from looking at the image) I used a coloring filter called Ink Rubber by Martijn W. van der Lee made in 1997 to produce the deep oranges and blue gray, uh, blue grays.

Of course I wasn’t trying to produce deep oranges or blue grays.  I was trying to simply make the image look better by clicking on (and clicking off) various filters.

And the oil?  The orange rock stratas combined with the black flowing liquid just looked to me like an interesting depiction of oil in the ground although I don’t think it’s quite like this in reality.

Fractal science and oil exploration: How to lose money scientifically.

November 10, 2008

Not the Usual Trash


Far out, eh?  It’s like those Mondrian colored window paintings except with a strange new twist and curve to them.

I did some serious thinking about why everything I was making in Fyre was looking like a pile of curtains with a few rolled up pieces of paper tossed on top.  The answer, as always, was with the buttons and the dials, because, like the title says (unless I’ve changed it again) all I do is push buttons and turn dials.

I changed some “transient” thing from 10 to 8 which reduces the number of elements in an image (reducing the clutter) and then went back to turning the dials some more.  The result was less of everything, but occasionally (which happens “often” when you’re using the power of a computer) something distinctive and clear would appear.  Up there is the first one.

Below, is the next one.


For some reason, the lines are curvey instead of straightey, and give the images a streamlined look.  I saved the worst for the last because I never assume anyone reading my blog will bother to read beyond the first image or paragraph.


I don’t know, it has a Beluga look to it.  But the lines and grooves in the bottom section suggest strange inedible things and a corresponding voyage through strangely populated seas.  I guess that’s why I find it hard to just post images without saying something; because I find that almost all imagery is suggestive of some idea or theme.

November 7, 2008

The Secret of the Treason

XI. But when the Counts of Castille saw how Rodrigo increased day by day in honour, they took counsel together that they should plot with the Moors, and fix a day of battle with them on the day of the Holy Cross in May, and that they should invite Rodrigo to this battle, and contrive with the Moors that they should slay him; by which means they should be revenged upon him, and remain masters of Castille, which now because of him they could not be.

This counsel they sent to communicate to the Moors and to the Moorish Kings who were Rodrigo’s vassals, being those whom he had made prisoners and set at liberty. But they, when they saw this counsel and the falsehood which was devised, took the letters of the Counts, and sent them to Rodrigo their Lord, and sent to tell him all the secret of the treason. And Rodrigo thanked them greatly for their good faith…

(Text from Chronicle of The Cid, translated from the Spanish by Richard Southey, 1883.  Image made in Fyre.)

November 4, 2008

Cupboards and Clouds

The mind consists
of cupboards and clouds

If your thoughts contain a door
you’re in a cupboard
with handles and hinges
and a nice coat of paint
that’s okay

Clouds can be huge
but usually they’re not
A dream, a memory
those are the golden clouds
Another dream, another memory
those are the other clouds
darker, paler
either way you know what they are

It’s good to put your clouds in cupboards
but if you think too much
about anything
the cloud will grow big
slip out the door
and lose that nice neat square shape

Enshrouded in clouds
enspoken in speaking
better hope it’s a golden one
that’s okay

(Image made in Fyre.)

November 1, 2008

The Day the Land Came Together

I remember
the day the land came together

There was a scroll for everything
the sky, the rocks and the sea

The scrolls were read
and the land came together

He read the sky scroll
and then dropped down through the sky
He read the Earth scroll
and then dropped down to the Earth

Then he walked around and everywhere he found a scroll he read it
and something new happened

As words echo
so the scrolls ran together
First a sound
then a symphony
then something strange

There are other scrolls
still to be read
but now is not the time

These are strange times

(Image made in Fyre)

October 31, 2008

All these things appeared as nothing

III. At this time it came to pass that there was strife between Count Don Gomez the Lord of Gormaz, and Diego Laynez the father of Rodrigo; and the Count insulted Diego and gave him a blow.

Now Diego was a man in years, and his strength had passed from him, so that he could not take vengeance, and he retired to his home to dwell there in solitude and lament over his dishonour.

And he took no pleasure in his food, neither could he sleep by night, nor would he lift up his eyes from the ground, nor stir out of his house, nor commune with his friends, but turned from them in silence as if the breath of his shame would taint them.

Rodrigo was yet but a youth, and the Count was a mighty man in arms, one who gave his voice first in the Cortes, and was held to be the best in the war, and so powerful that he had a thousand friends among the mountains. Howbeit all these things appeared as nothing to Rodrigo when he thought of the wrong done to his father, the first which had ever been offered to the blood of Layn Calvo.

He asked nothing but justice of Heaven, and of man he asked only a fair field; and his father seeing of how good heart he was, gave him his sword and his blessing.

(Text from The Chronicle of The Cid, by Robert Southey, 1883, perhaps.  Image made in Fyre and contains the parameter settings for opening up the image and reworking it in Fyre.)

October 30, 2008

The Chronicle of The Cid

II. In those days arose Rodrigo of Bivar who was a youth strong in arms and of good customs; and the people rejoiced in him, for he bestirred himself to protect the land from the Moors.

Now it behoves that ye should know whence he came, and from what men he was descended, because we have to proceed with his history. Ye are to know therefore, that after the treason which King Don Ordono the Second committed upon the Counts of Castille, that country remained without a chief: the people therefore chose two judges, of whom the one was called Nuno Rasuera, and the other Layn Calvo, who married Nuno’s daughter, Elvira Nunez.

From Nuno Rasuera King Don Ferrando descended, and from Layn Calvo, Diego Laynez, who took to wife Dona Teresa Rodriguez, the daughter of Don Rodrigo Alvarez, Count and Governor of Asturias, and had by her this Rodrigo.

In the year of the Incarnation 1026 was Rodrigo born, of this noble lineage, in the city of Burgos, and in the street of St. Martin, hard by the palace of the Counts of Castille, where Diego Laynez had his dwelling. In the church of St. Martin was he baptized, a good priest of Burgos, whose name was Don Pedro de Pernegas, being his godfather: and to this church Rodrigo was always greatly affectionate, and he built the belfry tower thereof.

(Text from The Chronicle of The Cid, translated from the Spanish by Robert Southey, 1883, or so.  The image is from Fyre and if you open it in Fyre you will see that it also contains all the image parameters.)

October 29, 2008

Beware… The Overlords!

Actually, we’re all safe.  I don’t think they’ll bother too many of us.  They’ve come to Earth in search of fresh brains to power their empire.  Most of us will just get slapped with a Defective tag and sent home.

Which brings me to something else: we need new frontiers in the Sci-fi/Weird Tales department of pulp-type fiction.

I like reading the classic rayguns and spaceships Sci-fi stuff, but it’s not something that anyone can really write about anymore.  It just doesn’t have the same credibility.

Aliens or alien life of any type just doesn’t seem plausible anymore.  So many Sci-fi adventure stories revolved around the encountering of alien (non-Earth) people, plants and animals — alternative Earths.

Today the Universe looks very empty, and not because we don’t have the imagination to fill it up with things but because our own explorations of it (mostly by telescope or space probes) have shown it to be both full of the potential for life and yet completely lacking any real evidence of it.

The Universe is empty.  All the balloons inflated by creative Sci-fi writers over the last hundred years have been broken.

Robinson Crusoe on Mars, a classic Sci-fi movie, was made just before the first Mars probe arrived and basically showed the “canals” and other mysterious features on Mars to be nothing more than geological scars.  The whole romance of Martian civilization, even if it was some ancient thing now dead and gone, evaporated with the arrival of the first photos from NASA’s probe.

Today we get excited just finding water underneath the dusty surface of Mars.  No wonder most Sci-fi novels focus on environmental decay and Orwellian orbits (so to speak…).  We’re at the top of the Mount Everest of history (it’s a widely accepted term) and it’s hard to imagine anything beyond all this.

Except of course, going back down the mountain and returning to some lower, more primitive, vulture eat vulture, level of existence.

October 25, 2008

Glistening Cave of Justice

Grasshopper, do you still doubt the power of Clickism?  Are you not convinced that strange new wonders can come from the diligent application of photoshop filters?

Consider this, then.

The above diagram was the original image which I started with which eventually became the black and white image at the top — all from clicking.

It’s been more than a year now, but I think I started off with multicrystal which produces the sierpinski glass block look (oh sure! we all know what that looks like!).  Then I probably India Inked it using the Ostromoukhov pattern (sand grains).  Then Overlap 4 to get the 45 degree angle faces and add some new recombinant features to it (recombinant features?).

Finally, it was off to the Boris Karloff of filters: Extractor 1.  That’s where the rich deep black and white contrasts come from.

Of course the whole process could have gone off the road and just become a lot of mush, which is what often happens.  But I took the road less travelled.  And that’s why I get lost so often and make amazing discoveries.

Actually, it wasn’t even a road, really.

Grasshopper!  Stay away from roads.  They’ll only lead you astray!

(A gong sounds, and the camera pans away to a fountain and the sound of running water; running water gurgling and splashing on rocks like ancient laughter.)

October 24, 2008

Winter Arrives on the Golden Land

Although it’s completely accidental, these images made in InkBlot Kaos and filtered with India Ink.8bf create in my mind a vivid image of Winter and it’s effect on human activity.

Winter, like the tornado-armed amorphous monster in the picture, chases everything either indoors or underground.  Subsequently, as we see in the golden, glowing subterranean depths of the foreground, Winter turns everything into a refuge.

I’ve always found this intriguing; while the indoors of a house or the bottom of a rodent’s hole in the Summertime seems stifling and stale, they are transformed by the arrival of Winter into a place of comfort and security.  No one tells the animals or the people to stay indoors and yet both do so instinctively.

In the old days people went outside much more in the winter because they had work to do and because they were bored with being indoors.  Ironically, in our much more modern times we spend the winter living more like animals than we ever did in the past.  Our houses and apartment buildings become like trees and the city becomes as empty and silent as a farmer’s woodlot in the country.

October 23, 2008