Another detail from a Phoenix Julia with edge detection. I like the interesting effect made by the interaction between the biomorph triangles and the palette. A river of caterpillars. Which brings me to another thought. Although fractals are considered abstract images, I'm not sure that's a good description. While they rarely resemble real life objects and couldn't be confused with say, a photograph or painting of something real, they don't look like a pile of geometric shapes either. What fractal programs produce I think would best be described and categorized as "natural." As an artistic category it should include other natural phenomenon like wood, marble, microscopic forms, constellations, -imagery generated by genetic, mathematical and physical activity. "Natural Imagery" presented by scavengers who comb the earth, space and generated places picking up a harvest of "ready-mades." I wouldn't include the term "art." That would slow things down, start too much talking, require licensing, forms to be filled out and delay our departure to hunt and gather our treasure.