I consider this one to represent a new category of my Xaos images. I've gotten frustrated with Xaos a number of times after apparently coming to the end of its creative abilities and producing nothing but the same old stuff over and over again. I drop it for a while as one would with something that has become empty and useless, but then after becoming frustrated and bored with whatever I picked up after that I return with a changed perspective and try something I never thought of before. I noticed in the "messy" places of some fractals when using the edge detection filter that there were a wide variety of root-like shapes. When turning off the edge detection filter, the normal, full-color image revealed none of this rough, complex structure. The rich variety of shapes and forms in this type of "messy" image I have only found when using edge detection and it has helped to overcome what I consider to be Xaos's only limitation: a small number of formulas. This is the Phoenix formula, and yet there's not a spiral in sight.